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EMURGO Introduces USDA, the First USD-Backed Stablecoin for the Cardano Ecosystem

EMURGO, the official commercial arm and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, is excited to announce the launch of its new U.S. Dollar-backed stablecoin, USDA. USDA is the first stablecoin that is fully backed by real money (fiat) and follows all the rules set by the government in the Cardano ecosystem.

What is a stablecoin and why is USDA special?

A stablecoin is a type of digital currency that is pegged to the value of a traditional currency, like the US dollar. This means that the value of USDA should not fluctuate much, unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that can change in value rapidly. Think of it like a boat in a stormy sea. Traditional cryptocurrencies can be like a small boat on rough waters, where the value goes up and down a lot. But a stablecoin is like a bigger boat that can ride out the waves and stay steady.

USDA is special because it is the first stablecoin that is fully compliant with regulations and is backed by the US dollar. This means that it is safe to use and is not likely to get into trouble with the law. It also allows for fast transactions without delays caused by traditional banking systems. USDA is also eco-friendly and secure, thanks to the Cardano blockchain. It is designed to help Web3 companies and individuals protect their assets from market volatility.

EMURGO is working with a regulated financial company for USDA safety

EMURGO is working with a regulated financial company in the United States to make sure that USDA follows all the rules set by the government. This company will keep the money that backs USDA, making sure that it is safe and follows the law. This will give USDA strong and long-term price stability which can help to unlock more financial services for the Cardano ecosystem.

Think of it like a bank. EMURGO is working with a bank that will keep the money that backs the stablecoin safe and make sure it follows the rules. This will help the stablecoin to have a stable value and open more opportunities for the Cardano ecosystem.

Introducing Anzens, the bridge between TradFi and DeFi

Anzens is a new collection of products from EMURGO, and USDA is the first product that is being launched on this platform. Anzens aims to connect traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) together, by providing a bridge between the two.

Think of it like a train station. Anzens is like a train station that connects two different trains, one is traditional finance and the other is decentralized finance. USDA is the first train that is leaving the station to connect these two worlds. Anzens is like a doorway that leads to a variety of regulated financial services that are available within the Cardano ecosystem. Through this portal, anyone can easily turn their dollars into a digital token that can be used on the Cardano blockchain.

Think of it like a mall. Anzens is like a mall that has many shops inside, each one offering different financial services. You can go in the mall and tokenize your dollars, just like you would exchange cash for shopping credit. And once you have the token, you can move it around as a Cardano-native asset.

Anzens is a new solution that aims to tackle some of the major challenges that the crypto industry faces in creating practical solutions that connect to traditional financial services. According to Vineeth Bhuvanagiri, Managing Director of EMURGO Fintech, Anzens will enable users to manage web3 balance sheets, make payments with crypto directly, and access better lending and borrowing services. Additionally, Anzens aims to establish a safe and secure standard for connecting traditional financial services and decentralized finance (DeFi) together.

How to use USDA on the Anzens platform?

EMURGO plans to launch USDA on the Anzens platform in the first quarter of 2023. Users will be able to turn their US dollars into USDA using methods such as credit/debit cards, wire transfer, ACH or by converting their ADA. Additionally, EMURGO is working to make it easy for users to convert other stablecoins like USDC and USDT, into USDA and also enable the conversion and swapping of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Think of it like a currency exchange. You can bring your USD, USDC, USDT, BTC, ETH, and ADA to the platform and exchange them for USDA. Like a currency exchange, you can use different methods to deposit your USD and also exchange other cryptocurrencies to USDA.

The goal of Anzens is to provide a range of products and services that will make it easy for users to access regulated borrowing and lending services, convert crypto to US dollars for immediate card payments, and earn rewards in USDA through stake pools. If you are interested in learning more about these services and want to join a waitlist, you can visit the Anzens website at

The Anzens platform aims to provide a variety of services like a one-stop-shop, you can borrow and lend money, convert crypto to USD and use it to make payments and even earn rewards. All of these services in one platform, and if you want to know more, you can visit their website and join a waitlist.

In summary, EMURGO is introducing USDA, a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar, it is safe, fast, and eco-friendly. This new stablecoin will help the Cardano ecosystem to grow and can also help to bank the unbanked. Anzens is the bridge between the traditional financial world and the digital financial world, it will provide a portal for people to use regulated financial services products within the Cardano ecosystem. This will help to make it easy to use crypto for everyday transactions. If you want to know more, you can visit the Anzens website.

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