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Cardanesia Infrastructure

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Cardanesia stake pool is running on dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Server) using Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

We have 2 core/block producer nodes (main and backup) and 3 relay nodes all in separate locations. Each node is strategically located in different regions in the event an outage should occur in a particular geographic location. The main region is, of course, in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Hardware and Software:

  • 8-core processor

  • 32 GB RAM

  • 260 GB SSD

  • Elastic IP address

  • Ubuntu 20.04

  • Grafana

If you want to see live monitoring of our nodes, you can go check out

NB: block & performance metrics on the dashboard are reset each time the node restarted. To see our lifetime blocks, check out or

For more information, you can join our telegram group or contact me via email at

Happy staking!

More info about staking?

👉Cardano Staking Starter Kit👈

🎗Proof of Donation🎗

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