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How Can Cardano Improve User Experience While Maintaining Minimum UTxO Requirement?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

On Dec 27, 2022, a discussion took place on Twitter about potential solutions to the minimum UTxO requirement in Cardano. The minimum UTxO requirement, which currently requires a minimum amount of 1 ADA to be sent in every UTxO, has been a source of frustration for some users due to its impact on user experience.

@scheredev, the CTO of, asked for ideas on how to avoid having a minimum UTxO requirement, citing concerns about chain DDOSing. @berry_ales, the creator of Nami Wallet, responded that while it would improve the user experience, finding a solution may be difficult due to the requirement's role in preventing chain bloat and incentivizing the redemption of UTxOs to keep the chain small.

@SebastienGllmt, CTO and co-founder of @dcspark_io, suggested that the minimum UTxO requirement could be applied to the sum of all UTxOs under a payment key instead of a single UTxO. This would allow most users to ignore the requirement, but would require the inclusion of new information in the witness, which could create new concurrency issues.

Overall, it seems that finding a solution to the minimum UTxO requirement in Cardano will require a careful balance between improving the user experience and maintaining the security and efficiency of the blockchain.

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